Meet Suzanne

suzanne-kingIn Suzanne Kings life time of being an artist she has recognized that it’s not only the ability to have excellent craftsmanship in one’s medium that makes them an artist, but it is the ability to see. The artist’s eye coupled with imaginings are where the creative images are birthed.  Suzanne really believed that everyone saw things the same way until just a few years ago when she shared her perspective in a simple landscape with someone and they were intrigued. This new appreciation of her gift gave her a passion to share her unique viewpoint with others.

King’s technique is to combine styles, techniques and complimentary colors to create contrast. She loves the tension that has a visual energy resulting from the pairings. She uses acrylic paints and oils together. Acrylics are applied in thick globs with a palette knife “just like smearing butter on toast”. There are always beautiful surprises as the colors mix and marble during the process. Next she goes back into the painting with oils on top of the dried paint and works in smooth detail to bring out realistic images she sees. Texture contrasts are accentuated by the bright colors creating images full of life and energy.

She has always felt like art should be encouraging and inspiring rather than dark and depressing. “Since we get enough of the ugliness of life just watching the news”. Her view on one of the main roles of artists in any culture is to give vision and hope.

Suzanne believes that an image can set a mood in a space. It can enhance the atmosphere and bring beauty, encouragement and even healing. She hopes that her artwork of places, animals and people will inspire you to “see” through her eyes in a way you haven’t seen before, and give you hope and joy along with a little intrigue.